Dear Alumni of Saint Meinrad,

When was the last time you stopped for just a moment to think about a beloved memory you have of Saint Meinrad? Yesterday? Last week? Years ago? Perhaps as you began reading this letter, your mind could not help but wander back to the remote tranquility of the Hill, its sacred sandstone structures, and its many halls and rooms that are filled with your stories and experiences.

It seems to me the most profound beauty of Saint Meinrad is that it is a place that cultivates growth and spirituality, teaching us to enter into the mystery of faith and guiding us to truly appreciate the spectacular humanness of life.

I was recently hired as the new Director of Alumni Relations at Saint Meinrad. I am originally from Pensacola, Florida, where much of my family still lives. In 2018 I received my MA degree in Catholic philosophical studies as a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Mobile before I realized that God was not calling me to the priesthood. I am deeply grateful for my experience at Saint Meinrad, and now I am excited to be back on the Hill and a part of its long-standing mission.

Everyone has a story to tell, and I look forward to the opportunity to get to know you and hear about your experience of Saint Meinrad. Please feel free to give me a call, send me an email, or write me an old-fashioned letter. However you decide to reach out, I will respond in kind.

In time, when we return to some kind of normal, I hope to meet you in person – perhaps at the annual Alumni Reunion, the Alumni Retreat, a dinner, a service activity, or simply a quick visit to my office. Until then, I look forward to hearing from you.


Timothy Florian

Director of Alumni Relations