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Remaining Faithful Recording (1979)
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Introduction from the Accompaniment Book
This volume contains a collection of metric and non-metric songs for liturgical use. A number of these songs are written with guitar/string bass accompaniment and optional instrumental descant. The remaining songs may be sung a cappella or, if preferred, with the organ accompaniment provided. For greater flexibility and adaptability, certain of the songs are arranged both for equal voices and for mixed voices.
A word about adapting the psalm tones to the texts written in block form. The texts are marked in the following way: The final accented syllable of each line is indicated by an underlined vowel. The syllable(s) preceding the final accent is (are) indicated by a dot under the vowel, according the melody of the psalm tone.


On page 33 are a number of guitar chords given in graph form.
The musician is humbled to realize that God has no need of our praise, and that our desire to thank him is itself his gift. May his gift grow rich in you. 

13. Gospel Acclamation

14. Lord, This Is The People

15. May We Learn


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