Date of death: 7/27/2014

Saint Meinrad Class: SB 2004

Memorial posted in the St. James Parish Church Bulletin, Chicago, IL G╟⌠ July 27, 2014I learned this week of the passing of Barbara DeChatelet, July 22, 2014 and was saddened to hear the news. She was, up until two years ago, a longtime member of the liturgy committee and the devoted sacristan of St. James. Though she was often very serious and straight-faced, on occasion she would emit her inner joy in an outward way. She was a teacher at St. James School for many years, and has been a vital member of our parish for decades. I always enjoyed having her around the table at liturgy meetings, even giving her a ride a few times. Of course, you may remember seeing her sitting behind the pastor at mass. Her chair was the only one with a pillow. Her commitment to St. James was unfaltering, and as Sacristan she knew how to perform her duties so that no one ever wondered about the hosts or wine. She was devoted to her faith to a level that many of us cannot seem to attain. Truly, Barbara gave of her time selflessly to the benefit of the church, and she will be missed. I hope you can offer a prayer for Barbara. May her faithful soul, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.Peace be with you, Madam DeChatelet.Written by: Dan Murphy, Director of Music and Liturgy, St. James Parish, Chicago, IL