Deceased Alumni Cardinal

His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Ritter, O’1917
Archdiocese of St. Louis

Living Alumni Bishops

Most Reverend Paul J. Bradley, MSW, DD, O’1971
Diocese of Kalamazoo

Most Reverend J. Douglas Deshotel, DD, O’1978
Diocese of Lafayette, LA

Most Reverend Gerald A. Gettelfinger, DD, O’1961
Diocese of Evansville (retired)

Most Reverend Jeffrey S. Grob, DD, C’1984
Archdiocese of Chicago – Auxiliary

Most Reverend James Vann Johnston, DD, T’1990
Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph

Most Reverend Joel M. Konzen, SM, O’1976
Archdiocese of Atlanta – Auxiliary

Most Reverend Peter A. Libasci, DD, O’1977
Diocese of Manchester

Most Reverend William F. Medley, DD, O’1982
Diocese of Owensboro

Most Reverend Carl F. Mengeling, STD, O’1957
Diocese of Lansing (retired)

Most Reverend Daniel H. Mueggenborg T’1989
Diocese of Reno

Most Reverend Patrick Pinder, STD, CMG, O’1979
Archdiocese of Nassau

Most Reverend Erik T. Pohlmeier, C’94
Diocese of St. Augustine, FL

Most Reverend David L. Ricken, JCL, O’1980
Diocese of Green Bay

Most Reverend João Noé Rodrigues (Sabbaticant 1993)
Diocese of Tzaneen, South Africa

Most Reverend James Peter Sartain, DD, O’1978
Archdiocese of Seattle (resigned)

Most Reverend Joseph M. Siegel, STL, O’1988
Diocese of Evansville

Most Reverend J. Mark Spalding, DD, JCL, C’1987
Diocese of Nashville

Most Reverend David P. Talley, MSW, JCD, T’1989
Diocese of Memphis

Most Reverend Anthony B. Taylor, DD, O’1980
Diocese of Little Rock

Most Reverend Charles C. Thompson, DD, T’1987
Archdiocese of Indianapolis

Most Reverend Peter B. Wells C’1987
Apostolic Nuncio
(Pretoria), S AFRICA

Deceased Alumni Bishops

Most Reverend Herman J. Alerding, O’1868
Diocese of Fort Wayne

Most Reverend John G. Bennett, O’1914
Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana

Most Reverend William D. Borders, DD, O’1940
Archdiocese of Baltimore

Most Reverend Daniel M. Buechlein, OSB, O’1964
Archbishop of Indianapolis (retired)

Most Reverend Joseph Chartrand, O’1892
Diocese of Indianapolis

Most Reverend Francis R. Cotton, O’1920
Diocese of Owensboro

Most Reverend Joseph R. Crowley, O’1953
Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend (Auxiliary Emeritus)

Most Reverend Robert W. Donnelly, DD, O’1957
Diocese of Toledo – Auxiliary (retired)

Most Reverend Laurence J. FitzSimon, O’1921
Diocese of Amarillo

Most Reverend James R. Hoffman, O’1958
Diocese of Toledo

Most Reverend E. B. Ledvina, O’1893
Diocese of Corpus Christi

Most Reverend Thomas F. Lillis, O’1885
Diocese Kansas City, MO

Most Reverend Thomas J. O’Brien, DD, O’1961
Diocese of Phoenix (resigned)

Most Reverend Denis O’Donaghue, O’1874
Diocese of Louisville (Emeritus)

Most Reverend Theodore Revermann, O’1901
Diocese of Superior

Most Reverend John C. Ward, O’1884
Diocese of Leavenworth

Living Alumni Abbots

Right Reverend Romain Botta, OSB, T’2012
I’Incarnation d’Agbang Abbey
Togo, West Africa

Right Reverend John Brahill, OSB, O’1981
Marmion Abbey

Right Reverend Isaac Camacho, OSB, T’1998
St. Leo Abbey

Right Reverend Thomas X. Davis, OCSO, O’1958
New Clairvaux Abbey (resigned)

Right Reverend Justin Dzikowicz, OSB, O’1973
St. Paul Abbey (resigned)

Right Reverend Urban Federer, OSB, T’1994
Einsiedeln Abbey

Right Reverend Thomas Hillenbrand, OSB, O’1965
Blue Cloud Abbey (resigned)

Right Reverend Joel Macul, OSB, O’1973
St. Paul Abbey (resigned)

Right Reverend Daniel Maloney, OSB, O’1980
Assumption Abbey

Reverend Denis Quinkert, OSB, SPH’1954
Blue Cloud Abbey (resigned)

Reverend Lambert Reilly, OSB, O’1959
Saint Meinrad Archabbey (resigned)

Right Reverend Leo Ryska, OSB, SS
St. Benedict Abbey (resigned)

Right Reverend Kurt Stasiak, OSB, O’1980
Saint Meinrad Archabbey

Right Reverend Martin Werlen, OSB, T’1988
Einsiedeln Abbey (resigned)

Right Reverend Charles Wright, OSB, O’1969
Prince of Peace Abbey

Deceased Alumni Abbots

Right Reverend Gerald Benkert, OSB, O’1934
Marmion Abbey

Right Reverend Calan Berndt, OSB, O’Feb1945
Blue Cloud Abbey

Right Reverend David Cyr, OSB, O’1951
Marmion Abbey (resigned)

Reverend Justin DuVall, OSB, O’1978
Saint Meinrad Archabbey (resigned)

Right Reverend Claude Ehringer, OSB, O’1934
Prince of Peace Abbey

Right Reverend Ignatius Esser, OSB, O’1919
Saint Meinrad Archabbey

Right Reverend Gilbert Hess, OSB, O’1932
Blue Cloud Abbey

Right Reverend Mark Hogan, OSB, O’1954
Marmion Abbey

Reverend Bonaventure Knaebel, OSB, O’1943
Saint Meinrad Archabbey

Right Reverend Gerard Lair, OSB, O’1959
St. Mary’s Abbey (resigned)

Right Reverend Augustine Moore, OCSO, O’1937
Holy Ghost Abbey

Right Reverend Stephen Schappler, OSB, O’1914
Conception Abbey

Right Reverend Paul Schauble, OSB, O’1889
St. Joseph Abbey

Right Reverend Athanasius Schmitt, OSB, O’1896
Saint Meinrad Abbey

Reverend Timothy Sweeney, OSB, O’1961
Saint Meinrad Archabbey (resigned)

Right Reverend Columban Thuis, OSB, O’1911
St. Joseph Abbey

Right Reverend Gabriel Verkamp, OSB, O’1929
Saint Meinrad Archabbey

Right Reverend Brian Wangler, OSB, O’1970
Assumption Abbey