Date of death: 1/20/2008

Saint Meinrad Class: SS 1969

The time that God allowed her ended on January 20, 2008. She was eighty-three years of age, and had been a Dominican for over sixty-five years.Sister Faith’s wake-remembrance service was held on January 22 in St. Catherine Chapel. Sister Annette was present, as were her niece Beth and husband Robert Wronski, and her nephews Douglas and his wife Gerry, and Gregory and his wife Amy. Her brother Vernon and his wife Beverly were unable to attend. Sister Joan Sustersic, Prioress of Holy Rosary Mission Chapter, opened the ceremony, extended sympathy to the family members who were present, as well as to Sister Faith’s many Dominican friends, and summarized Sister Faith’s life and ministry. She spoke of the last few years of Sister Faith’s life. God was always with her G╟¬ but her physical problems increased. As her health continued to fail, her heart, weakened in childhood, gave up.”Gertrude Walsh shared many memories from her Academy days. Among them:””My best friend, Penny Kelly, and I noticed that Sister Faith went weekly to the laundry to drop off items and collect her freshly pressed habit, her laundry, and her sheets. With great delight we took on that small taskG╟¬ Sister Faith never, EVER, stopped thanking us, as late as this October, for those laundry duties and our other small kindnesses.Judy Fuller Morris, also a member of the Class of 1962 at St. Joseph Academy, sent a message telling of the frequent visits that she, her husband, and children made to Sister Faith, and how proud Sister Faith was of her. “She would ask me to sing for her and all the staff and sisters.”””We also took Sister Faith and her sister, Sister Annette, to their favorite restaurant. This was a Chinese restaurant, where all the employees knew them. But they always knew what they wanted to order. But the funniest part, they would both make sure they brought their “plum” sauce. Then they would enjoy taking their “doggie bags” home and figure out how many snacks they would have left over. Bless their dear hearts!””It was always a pleasure to visit Sister Faith. No matter how bad she felt, she would never complain, and she loved all the staff that took care of her. I used to call her every weekend, and always thanked her for caring for all of us girls. How deeply I will miss her!””Sister Faith’s funeral liturgy was celebrated on January 23, 2008. Father Roland Calvert, OSFS, was the presider and homilist, and Father Jim Lothamer, a previous pastor at St. Joseph Parish concelebrated. He is now pastor at St. Agnes Parish in Fowlerville, Michigan. Kathie Frank from St. Joseph Parish led the singing beautifully.Gertrude Walsh ended her testimonial by applying a saying of St. Catherine of Siena to Sister Faith: “She was in God’s Love and God’s Love was within her.” There, with her Beloved, Sister Faith rests for all eternity, together with the loved ones who preceded her.”””