Date of death: 06/03/2020

Saint Meinrad Class: O 1958

Padre George was sent to Chile in 1966 when Gethsemani took on the responsibility of the Trappist Monastery, La Dehesa, Chile that had been founded by St. Joseph, Spencer, Mass. Due to the urbanization “boom” in Santiago during the ’80s, the monastery was relocated near the town of Rancagua (60 miles to the South of Santiago, Chile) and named Santa Maria de Miraflores Monastery.

Born: August 19, 1932

Saint Meinrad High School: 1946-50

Gethsemani, KY: 1950-1966

La Dehasa Monasterio, Santiago, Chile: 1966-1986

Santa Maria de Miraflores, Rancagua, Chile: 1986-2020

Death: June 3, 2020