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Alumni Reunion Vespers

Originally aired live on Saturday, August 1. Click here to see the names of deceased alumni since last year’s reunion.

Alumni Association Meeting

Fr. Denis Robinson, OSB, Chris Carr C’94, and Joe Oliveri

Fr. Denis Robinson, OSB, president-rector of Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology, gives an update on Saint Meinrad for this Fall. Chris Carr, president of the Saint Meinrad Alumni Association, and Joe Oliveri, director of alumni relations, remark on the happenings of the association.

Keynote: Cultivating a Culture of Grace

Steve Angrisano MA’19, musician and speaker –

In the Sacraments, we experience a true foretaste of heaven. You have likely experienced it firsthand. Perhaps you’ve even thought, “If everyone knew what I knew, they would ALL be here!” Well…they don’t know what they don’t know. In a culture steeped in consumerism, we have made even the reception of the sacraments a transaction. This keynote seeks to bring greater richness to both our sacramental preparation and sacramental experiences so that our parish gathers not as consumers of sacraments but as a community steeped in a culture of God’s grace.

Cardinal Newman: A Saint for our Time

Fr. Denis Robinson, OSB, president-rector of Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology

This presentation looks at the life of John Henry Newman in light of his impact on the modern church. Newman’s pastoral approach to philosophy and theology will be considered through his work as a teacher, school principal and religious administrator.

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Global Friendship: The Story of a Well in Togo

Dr. Kimberly Baker, associate professor of Patristics

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Hear the story of a water well constructed in Togo in 2017. The real story, though, is one of friendship. This friendship has reached around the globe to create a network of people, many with a tie to Saint Meinrad, who share a common goal: the health and well-being of a small West African village on the outskirts of Datcha, Togo. Through Dr. Baker’s partnership, this network of people has supported the construction of a water well and two village latrine buildings. And the story continues with plans to replace a deteriorating school building. Come hear the story of how this special friendship is changing the lives of so many.

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Conjectures of A Guilty Bystander: Past and Present

Fr. Eugene Hensell, OSB, associate professor of Scripture

As a take on the very influential book Thomas Merton wrote in 1965, Fr. Eugene will give some relevant reflections. In the ’60s, the major issues were the Vietnam war, race riots in all the major cities, and the upheaval in the Catholic Church over Vatican Council II. Though urged to leave, Merton refused to leave the cloister for the street and was severely criticized. During that period the world, our country and the church had the opportunity to ask some serious questions related to values, virtues, and understanding – ultimately failing to do so. Many of those issues have erupted now and the questions Merton had to face are the questions many now have to face once again. What should I do? What should a monastery do? Will we have the courage to face this moment we are in?

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Praying with Icons

Sr. Jeana Visel, OSB, director of Graduate Theology Programs

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Within the Eastern tradition of Christianity, the icon, or religious image, long has held a place of honor. Western Christianity, too, has its own traditions of using sacred images for prayer and worship. In this workshop, learn about what an icon is and how it can be used for liturgical, devotional, and catechetical uses.

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The Great Reset: The Covid-19 Pandemic as a Catalyst for Advancing the Church or Closing Its Doors

Dr. Jared Bryson C’97, vice-president of Alumni Association Board of Directors

The global pandemic continues to shift culture, the family, economy and technology. The framework I propose around technology, culture, family and economy during and post-Covid in the Church’s response to the current pandemic and a call for a shift in the paradigm for ministry.

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