Date of death: 7/14/2007

Saint Meinrad Class: C 1989

Michael Uehlein, 42, died by accidental drowning. Michael’s body was discovered in a geothermal outlet pool in the San Juan River.A reporter for the Pagosa Daily Post, Glenn Walsh, wrote these reflections about Michael:”I knew Mike. We met four or five times. He was an immediately likeable and intriguing man. He was thoughtful, kind and talented. You felt his moral depth and he never preached. He laughed a lot, often at himself. He came to Pagosa from the wealthy suburbs of Connecticut, where he had run an extremely successful landscaping firm. He had lived in a big house atop a long lawn in front of a large swimming pool. “After college Mike had attended a Roman Catholic seminary, leaving after confessing he loved women too much to remain. He married soon thereafter and fathered two sons, Eli and Alex. Successful landscape businesses in rich Connecticut suburbs don’t allow much leisure time. Mike spent much of his leisure time at the Yale Psychiatric Institute, where he volunteered as a counselor. Another hobby was running. Mike’s best time in the marathon ‘ 3:02 ‘ was two minutes shy of qualifying him for the Boston Marathon.A good friend of mine, a closer friend of his, describes Mike as unabashed in pursuing friendships, a gregarious friendly spirit with a strong feminine quality that made him a beautiful, whole, strong man.”””Information obtained from The Pagosa Daily Post online.”