Introduction from the Accompaniment Book
This collection of liturgical songs, with guitar and string bass accompaniment and optional instrumental descants, consists of responsorial psalms for congregational use. Normally the cantor will sing the refrain, this being repeated by all immediately, and again after each verse.

When there is two-part harmony given for the refrain, it may be song by solo voices alone, or by the entire congregation, the top line of music then being used as the melody line.

The chords that are indicated are merely suggestions for a starting point, and leave the individual performers the freedom to develop their own strum or picking patterns. Chords that are marked with an asterisk (*) can be found in graph form on page 35.

It is our hope that this music will prove to be for you, as it has for our monastic community, a vehicle of peaceful, reflective and joyous prayer.

Brother Tobias Colgan (Now Father Tobias)
Father Columba Kelly
Monks of St. Meinrad Archabbey

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1. How Good and How Pleasant

2. May Your Love Be Upon Us

3. There is One Thing I ask of the Lord

4. If Today You Hear His Voice

5. Holy, Holy, Holy

6. We Carry in Our Body

7. My Prayers Come Before You Like Incense

8. Happy the People

9. This Poor Man Called

10. How Great is Your Name

11. Come Lord Bring Us Your Peace

12. The Love of the Lord